Friday, April 19, 2013

Butterflies and Waterfalls

June 29th, 2010
Crabtree Falls, NC

My current state of photography:

- I want a Nikon D90 and a 50mm prime lens
-I have other items on my list that outweigh my need want for a new camera, like the down payment on a home, a down payment on a car, paying off my son's ear tube procedure, etc . . .
-But my current camera (the D60) only takes about 5 pictures before stalling, hesitating, and spurting to a halt. And I can't find the charger for my little point and shoot Nikon.
-which is why I haven't been posting running pictures (but I am running)
-And honestly, my brain is dreaming about other avenues of art these days . . . not photography!
-But I do want to learn how to edit pictures with Lightroom

I am a bit all over the place with photography this month. There may or may not be an April project. It most likely depends on how much longer the D60 lasts before the motor finally does bite the dust!

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  1. I too would love a Nikon D90, but other "life" stuff keeps getting in the way :-). Congrats on the running, keep up the great work!!! Have a great weekend!


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