Monday, May 27, 2013

Berry Picking (and a photo challenge)

May 26th, 2013
Strawberry Patch, NC Piedmont

I have been feeling a little blah about photography in May. So, during the month of June I have decided to give my self a photo challenge. These challenges are all over the Internet, but I have made mine my own. No rules! Just take and/or post a picture each day in June. Or take all 30 pictures in one day! Here are my 30 ideas for 30 days in June, but I won't necessarily go in this order:

1.A door
2. A barn
3. Black and white
4. In the kitchen
5. Morning light
6. Self-portrait
7. View from a low angle
8. Clouds
9. Something red
 10. Shoes
11. Love
12. Shadows
13. Mist, fog or haze
14. Eyes
15. Bokeh
16. Water
 17. Fresh
18. On the road
19. Sweet
20. Buildings
21. Books
22. Rows
23. Collection
24. Transportation
25. Cold
26. Street lights
27. Pastel
28. Wild
29. Powerful
30. Games

Please join in, even if you don't post the pictures! 

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