Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Candid Photos/Summer Bucket List

A selfie:

Recharging Superhero:

It was only in the 70s that day:

Needless to say, I lost interest in my daily art challenge. I will finally admit it: drawing bores me after about 30 minutes. Can I put just 30 min a day towards art? Maybe, now that it is summer. Maybe not. We'll see. Here are some summer goals I have:

1. Make watermelon salsa again
2. Perfect lemonade (how hard can it be?)
3. Take B to the fire station again
4. Learn to make pizza
5. Complete ONE piece of artwork that could be sold. ONE.
6. Get a seat for my bike for B
7. Sell a few items . . . perhaps a yard sale?
8. At least one trip to the beach
9. Take B to the outdoor orchestra
10. Have a picnic   (done 6.14)
11. Learn Lightroom
12. Organize house
13. Photograph everything

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