Friday, December 19, 2014

Holiday Magic: Punch Board Advent Calendar

Having a three year old (officially today he turns 3!) makes the holidays WAY more fun. He is so into decorating the tree, buying, making and giving presents, and looking at Christmas lights! I found a fun advent calendar idea in a magazine, but seriously my real inspiration was Punch-a-Bunch from The Price is Right. I started by making a grid on poster board:

Then I hot glued 24 cups on. Tip: the hot glue goes on the cup, not on the poster board, or they will fall off . . .

My mom did the next part. She cut out 24 circles from tissue paper and painted on numbers using a stencil. We used a rubber band to hold the tissue paper on. We filled each cup with a little trinket:

Countdown to Christmas!

He loves the act of punching something way more than what he finds inside. Actually, lately, he's been trying to find a way to hang the trinkets on the Christmas tree. Silly boy.

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