Saturday, January 10, 2015

Birthday Boy's Construction Themed Party!!

First of all, let me say I did nothing for this party but share a few ideas. I was probably in bed waiting for chemo effects to go away (they always do) the entire time they worked on this. My mom and sister-in-law deserve all the credit, a long with all the people who came and monitored the TEN toddlers. 

His cake. The truck candles were found at Hobby Lobby.

We had the party at my brother's house. Glad they had the next 2 weeks off to recover!

The dirt pudding was my favorite. For someone who has lost 50 pounds and can barely eat, it was shocking how many dirt puddings I could devour.

Each child got a hat, an apron from Home Depot, and a container to use as a stool, or to later put candy in. 

This was a huge huge hit, my mom found a cardboard house for the kids to color with WASHABLE markers. I wish I had a better picture. There were some older siblings there who especially loved it, but even the youngest tot added details. 

All the games and this boy decides to play with the caution tape.

We put Lincoln Logs and trucks in a swimming pool.

Every 3 year old party needs a piñata! I do not have the words to explain the excitement of the toddlers when my brother showed them what to do. They were simply awestruck that they were allowed to hit and break something, which made CANDY come out!? WHAT??

This was a later picture of extras we gave away. The lunch box looking things were the favor boxes filled with little goodies. 

Even though it was cold and rainy outside, the party inside was a HUGE success. 3 weeks later B still talks about it. And thankfully I was having a great day, although people did notice I was tired. I spent most of the party sitting with a blanket over me taking bad pictures. But I did make it outside, under the carport, for the piñata. Thanks mom, for making this day so special.

"Even broken crayons can still color." -??

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  1. THREE years old already??!!! Times flies...especially when you have a little one! What a fun party! I loved the hard hats and aprons!! Am glad you were having a great day have many more ahead of you! Be well and keep well Karen, you are in my prayers.


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