Friday, October 23, 2015

Lake Norman State Park and Things B Says

Last week my mom and I thought about driving up to the mountains and staying in Asheville. Two problems. Even though it was a weekday, we couldn't find a nice place to stay. I guess the foliage is breathtaking this year. But that didn't matter, because I had no interest in getting out of bed. I can just never predict when I will and won't have energy.

Finally, at about one in the afternoon, I rolled out of bed, put on some clothes, and we went to Lake Norman State Park to have a picnic. The park is actually very close to the same place we saw the balloons flyover (see last post). About 30-40 miles north of Charlotte. It was one of those perfect 70 degree days. 

Notice I didn't take a single LAKE picture.

I guess we didn't have to drive all the way to Asheville to see gorgeous leaf change. But man, do I need to do some Christmas shopping at the General Mast store there, so I know a small trip will be in our future.

Lately, when I have a good day between chemo treatments, it is a REALLY good day! Tip: Drinking water during chemo treatments is boring, but helps ridiculously.


I am so bad at remembering what funny things three (almost 4) -year-old Brycen has said lately, but here are 2:

"Granny, I am not going to help you take around garbage cans anymore. I don't want to do that chore anymore. Because I have to wash my hands after, and I don't have time for washing my hands. But you better wash your hands, Granny."

"Potty mouth words are called potty words because we can only say them while going potty."


  1. Ahhh! Lake Norman! My college roommate's parents had a lake house there (with a dock and boats!) and we used to go down there in the summer. Good times!

    LOVE these pictures! Nature therapy for the win!

  2. Funny things kidlets say are the best! As are gorgeous photos of Autumn, wherever you are! Asheville is ridiculously expensive during peak season.....Waynesville, NC...roughly 30 miles from Aville much more affordable...and a darling town to boot!

  3. Love these pix! Reminds me of my old backyard in my old home :( -- and inspires me to get outside and play in the leaves!


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