Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween Summary

This year, I chose to make Brycen's costume, because I liked the DIY Buzz Lighyears on Pinterest more than I did the ones I could order from Amazon or Target. It all started with a box:

And a whole lot of duct tape. I wrapped the above box in white duct tape. This would later become the jet pack. I then cut out the wings and back shape from foam board, and used green, red and purple to decorate the foam board.

I now despise duct tape because of how freakishly strong the stick is.

And of course I hot glued the jet pack to the front of foam board. Luckily we caught it in time and peeled the glue off. Here is the jet pack glued on the back, and decorated:

The wing is not clipped, it was just folded forward in that picture.

My mom used purple duct tape, velcro and some swear words to make a harness in front so the jet pack could be carried like a back pack. She added a felt bib to match Buzz's control panel, and decorated wrist bands. She also put purple felt onto the fingertips of white gloves, but Brycen was NOT having anything to do with gloves. Thanks mom for making the costume come together:

Ooops, the bib is a little twisted here.

The helmet was an awesome online find, but too big for Brycen. He sadly only wore it to the first 2-3 houses. But it will look great at his outer space themed birthday party and makes a great addition to his dress up bin.

THEN, his daycare decided the kids are going to have a costume parade on the 30th. No way were we letting him wear that costume around 100 kids, and no way were we making him another. So he wore his firefighter dress up gear, and we decorated the car for trunk or treat. I think we were the best trunk!!

This damn fire station backdrop took over 5 hours to paint.

And some random pics from Halloween night. He trick or treated with his cousin, who went as Woody.  People took turns pushing me in a wheelchair so I could enjoy the night:

I could have taken 50 pics like this one, with street lights illuminating fall leaves. Such a nice autumn evening.


  1. Hey Karen! Brycen's costume could not have been cuter! Great job! Love your cool black Converse sneakers too! Love, love the last photo with the street lights shining through the leaves! So great hearing from you! Enjoy your days, prayers always!

  2. You guys are so damned crafty! I love it! Please make my costume for next year - I'm going to dress as a sailor so my outfit will finally match my mouth..... Thanks for the update!!

  3. Love this post and this project. So impressive, Karen! I especially love that the costume is held together with duct tape and swear words! Ha! And I love that you got to enjoy the day with B - he's the cutest little Buzz I ever saw. :)

  4. Homemade costumes are the best! I still remember the time my sister and I made "robot" costumes for Halloween -- we took some plain paper grocery sacks and scribbled all over them, cut out holes for eyes and walked around with stiff legs and joints. (We were like 3&4). Needless to say Bs costume and your trunk turned out way better.

  5. it sounds like you had a wonderful celebration and have created memories for a life time.


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