Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens Holiday Lights

My mom found a Groupon deal for tickets to the area's botanical gardens, all decked out in lights.

-wheelchair friendly
-a photographer's dream place to take pictures of bokeh
-advanced tickets meant no waiting in long line
-it was between 68 and 70 degrees that evening! Not typical of a Carolina December
-they served popcorn and hot chocolate - two of my kid's favorite things

-hard to find your child in the dark
-WAY TOO CROWDED. It's hard to maneuver a wheelchair around RUDE people who don't understand "excuse me." Especially in the dark. And trying to take pictures? I gave up.
-outdoor attraction = smokers
-long drive from Charlotte on dark back country roads. I thought we were lost at least twice.

Here are the pictures I did get:

Purple bokeh!

Blue bokeh!

B and my brother inside an installment . . . not sure if this was allowed, but everyone else was doing it!

Brycen whispered: " Look mommy, I look like the Grinch."

Brycen watching the train.

These pictures were all taken with my iPhone. I took some with my Nikon, but I haven't looked at them! Oh well. It was a fun but exhausting evening!

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  1. I love the "grinch" photo. So cute!

    Holiday light displays are pretty nuts over here. People go crazy with their selfie sticks and don't understand the concept of waiting one's turn or not taking 5 billion photos when other people are waiting. It drives me cuckoo. I'd prob go crazy with kids.


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