Monday, March 28, 2016

Welcoming Spring

I am not religious, so I have often wondered "do I have the right to celebrate Easter?" I grew up thinking Easter meant egg hunts, the Easter bunny, and of course, the homemade baskets my mom made, filled with candy and small toys. And most of all, Easter meant the beginning of spring, which is great news when you live in upstate NY.

Down here in the south, spring like weather started 3 weeks ago, although we have had a couple of chillier days. Easter day itself was only in the 50s, and it rained almost the entire day. Brycen had his Easter with me on Saturday, which might be fitting because with me, it was definitely about the eggs and the candy.

First, we did a little clue hunt at my house. He LOVED this.

There were clues that I read to him, like "where do we keep the ice trays?" Easy stuff.

I don't have any pictures but he found his basket in the dishwasher. It was filled with a little bit of candy (what is an Easter basket without a chocolate bunny?) and some small toys.

Then we went to my brother and sister in law's house for the hunt. On the 30 minute drive there, the sun disappeared, the temperatures fell and the sky got dark. So much for spring!

But there was enough time for the hunt. My sister in law invited over a friend who was watching her two grandchildren for a week.

My brother The Easter Bunny hid 63 eggs in the yard! The 3 kids did a pretty good job of getting an even amount, although Brycen and big sister might have picked up a slightly larger number than little sister.

The basket from his aunt and uncle the Easter Bunny. Notice I am wearing flip flops!

And some randoms pictures:

My personal basket had ice cream choices:

Happy Easter to those who celebrate, and happy spring to all!!


  1. I haven't done much to celebrate Easter as an adult. It was definitely an eggs and chocolate holiday for us growing up, too, so without Easter eggs/baskets there hasn't seemed much point in celebrating as an adult. But the past few years we started having a picnic at a local winery. It's a great way to spend a spring day and I'm happy to have a new tradition.

    We saw a lot of kids hunting for eggs at the winery though, and it made me remember how fun that was when I was little. Your Easter looks perfect and your brother's yard looks amazing!

  2. Oh man I always hated Easter as a kid -I hated creepy bunnies, pastels, marshmallow-y things, dyed chicks (why?), Easter parades, and Cadbury eggs. The only thing I enjoyed were hard boiled eggs which my parents hid instead of plastic candy-filled eggs and (pastel-colored) peanut m&ms. Is it just me but did Easter not be such a big deal as kids? I always thought it was because we weren't religious but then my SIL commented one year, " When did Easter become a second Christmas?"

    1. I saw that exact comment on many Facebook statuses yesterday.

      You know what I remember most about Easter as a kid? Seeing trees perfectly covered in handing plastic eggs. I thought they were so pretty. Also, this is dorky but in NY Easter always seemed to be the time the snow finally melted, leaving a really "clean" smell. I always associate Easter with that smell.

      I totally failed at dying eggs this year, but Brycen doesn't like to get his hands dirty lately, so it is just as well.

  3. A new Easter tradition...going to a nearby brewery, lunch from a food truck, beer, and any family still in town. Monday was the egg hunt and speidies for everyone else. Time changes everything.

    1. And enjoying any family member still in town!


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