Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Quick Update

Just a very quick update because I am actually alert and NOT surrounded by 70 people.

I have decided to end treatments and I am now in hospice care.

Let me re-phrase slightly: I am not giving up. There are no longer effective treatments for me, so I am discontinuing ineffective treatments.

More soon.

Pictures are by my friend Dave. Last Saturday, as I settled into my new life, I said fuck cancer and we took B to a strawberry farm out in the country. The fresh air was wonderful for my soul. 


  1. I love seeing you and B out in the fresh air! Hugs to you. We are thinking of you and always wishing you peace and happiness and joy. xo

  2. I have been at a loss as to what to say and feel since you told me you were transitioning to hospice care. F@&* you, Cancer a million times over!

    As always, love the photos of you and B especially outdoors! I hope y'all make so many more wonderful memories like these, and I hope to read all about them. I've missed coming to this space for my weekly dose of B&K!


  3. Karen...keep saying "fuck cancer"! Keep on keeping on! I love strawberry fields forever photos!

  4. Fuck cancer indeed! I;m thinking of you.


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