Sunday, August 18, 2013

Wrapping up Summer

August 16th, 2013
Emerald Isle, NC

Tomorrow is back to work for me, and back to daycare for my baby. We have had an amazing ten weeks together. We went to a farm in the mountains and played in the waves at the beach. He swam dozens of times, ate snow cones and had picnics. He visited a fire station, the airport, water fountains, many playgrounds, and spent hours throwing rocks and pine cones in a lake. We kept busy, and rarely had a day when we just sat inside.

And on a different note, his vocabulary has exploded this summer. Here are some of his favorite words and phrases:

"Readeeee?? Alright."
"Thank you you're welcome."
"Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaze?!" He has ear shattering manners.
"Elmo? Elmo? Elmo? Elmo? . . .
"Um yum num num" (Just like Cookie Monster)
"I do it."
"I not know."

As for me, my focus switched many times this summer. I am worse than a toddler. I started out obsessed with working on my art skills. I got into linocuts, but then started drawing a lot in a sketchbook. That lasted about 3-4 weeks. Then I started to get into hiking and camping again. I also started the summer reading a few books, but then started reading blogs again instead and binge watching TV on Netflix.

These last couple weeks have been about cleaning, organizing and one last hurrah to the coast:

The first 6 weeks of the school year are crazy, so things will be pretty quiet here for awhile! I will be back full swing when my favorite season appears in the South: Autumn. Although it does feel like fall today . . .


  1. WAy to go out with a bang! We are back already and my head is spinning. Savor Summer!

  2. ah, your baby boy is adorable
    sounds like you had a wonderful summer
    school and then again holidays always seemed like an adjustment for me and just when i got the hang of it, then it would all switch again ;-)


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