Saturday, April 26, 2014

10 Random Things

1. I have not blogged in nearly 2 months.

2. I have not blogged because like so many others, I have discovered Instagram.

3. My Instagram is a lovely mix of my son, nature and my teaching career. And maybe a drawing or 2. 

4. I wish my blog could be a lovely mix of my son, nature and my teaching career, and a drawing or 2, but is there ever enough time for all that?

5. Actually, my pictures of my teaching career usually involve some kind of countdown. A countdown to spring break, and now to the end of the year.

6. I know Mary,  I said countdown are bad, but so is the year I am having!

7. My pictures of my teaching career are also a showcase of what I do for my Friday afternoon art club. I LOVE the Friday afternoon art club!

8. I also loved my spring break, although it was chilly. My mom came and we enjoyed a week of grandson/granny time. 

9. Only 31 school days until summer.

10. I am hoping to blog more because I want to challenge myself to do 100 days of art, and post here. We'll see how I do! I will start in about 2 weeks, so tune in. 

And some pics (sorry no art club pics):

We are hatching dino eggs in that last pic!!


  1. Countdowns are an amazing thing!! I have 104 student contact hours until summer starts!! I love your footwear, by the way...

  2. Hey Karen! So good to hear from you! My goodness, your little one is getting SO big!! All your shots are great, but I seriously loving the shot of the red and blue kicks!!! Have a great week!!


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