Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Bucket List update

I am rocking the summer bucket list! 

1. Make watermelon salsa again (done 6.27, thanks, mom!)

2. Perfect lemonade (how hard can it be?) (done 6.18)

3. Take B to the fire station again (I talked to the captain and it has been scheduled!)

4. Learn to make pizza

5. Complete ONE piece of artwork that could be sold. ONE. (this one is in the works!)

6. Get a seat for my bike for B (done 6.29):

7. Sell a few items . . . perhaps a yard sale? (items have been listed online)

8. At least one trip to the beach (done 6.26, 6.27 and 6.29):

9. Take B to the outdoor orchestra

10. Have a picnic   (done 6.14)

11. Learn Lightroom

12. Organize house

13. Photograph everything (always ongoing!)

I might need to add a camping trip to this list. Here are some more pics from the summer, so far:


  1. Karen, your photos beat a pen and paper list any day of the week! While happy to read you are crossing things off........just keep having fun and taking pictures!!

  2. You've been busy! And that boy has been busy growing!


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