Monday, November 10, 2014


Before my diagnosis, in early October, I drove to the top of Mount Mitchell (highest peak in North Carolina) and along the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was windy and chilly in the mountains, so I didn't venture far from my car. Here are some pictures I took:


  1. hello Karen, your photos a wonderfully beautiful
    sweet peaks of the magic in our mundane world.

    I have read back to see what you are going through. I am sorry to hear that you have this challenge to go through and while you have family to care for. My heart leans towards you with care and send you healing light. wishing the best for you on your journey to healing.

  2. Good morning Karen!, Liking your macro shots.....the frost on the pine trees photo is beautiful. As always, thanks for sharing these, and have a good day.

  3. Hey Karen, am thinking and praying for you.


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