Thursday, November 6, 2014


I have no words to describe the generosity of the people around me, my family, and B's father's family. What on earth did I do to deserve all this? I could sit here and name literally 100s of people w who have reached out to me, and I hope every single one of them understands how truly grateful I am.

Especially my mom.

And the way people describe me . . . I want to be that person again. I love teaching, love the connections I make with my students. I have never taught in a non Title One school.  I drove to Alaska by myself. I have been to many beautiful places, hiking strong up mountains. I took B on weekend adventures almost every weekend which I had him. I am not trying to brag. I am saying I am envious of that woman. I want to be her again so badly.

As for now, I am on the chemo train. Highs at first. Who would have thought my first public appearance would be the mall! I walked, I sat, I walked, I ate a pretzel with cheese. I was ready to go back to teaching. I was ready to walk the neighborhood. I helped clean out a closet!!

And then the crash. And I am hot. And I am bored. And I feel guilty. And sometimes my liver cries out for HELP! And I wish my toddler would sit still for 9 seconds so I could just cuddle him. And I am sweaty. And then I am cold. It's tolerable, but it is an exhausting kind of tolerable.

There are mountains to climb.


  1. hang in there sista! I am thinking about you every day :)

  2. Those mountains await you and your little B. Continued prayers and ton's of positive energy your way my blog friend.


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