Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Toddler Book Making

Last Wednesday night, snow came down in North Carolina. We were predicted throughout the week to receive 1-3 inches, then 2-4 inches, then 4-8 inches and finally, right before the storm hit, the meteorologist became hysterical and said we could see up to 10 inches.

We received exactly an inch of snow at my house.

So I took picture after picture (with my phone) of the birds at the feeder.

And then I got an idea to make a book for B.

First I downloaded the pics to my computer, and was impressed how they printed out:

I added some word bubbles for the birds, because my son thinks things like talking birds are hilarious.

You can see our 10 inches of snow:

The cover was annoying, trying to evenly space out the title.

And yes, I already had bird stickers on hand.

I stapled the pages and covered in washi tape.

When I read it to him he kept looking out the window to see if the picture was the same as the current situation. We have only read it once, but he seemed to like it. I think my next book will star him, and he will be more interested. Maybe a book about him and his shadow?

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