Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Photo Journaling in Purple and Orange

I have begun work on my Year in Alaska scrapbook. I knew I wanted to use purple this week, and I was excited to use cards from Big City Quiet, which I bought here. I love Rachel's honest blog, and I am becoming obsessed with her simple, clean, but bright, work. If you are not familiar with her go check her out!

I looked through my albums, searching for the purple alpenglow I wanted to play with this week. Alpenglow happens when the sun sets opposite from a mountain range. The mountains appear purple. Not only did I find what I was looking for, but I noticed some pops of orange, and decided I want to play with that. Here are the tools I could have chosen from:

Sorry for the glare, I was in bed taking pictures that morning. Better pictures to come. I also had some embellishings I could choose from:

In the end I kept it simple. I love colors and I love keeping it simple.

I love how the map looks next to the currently card:

I love journaling on pictures. The photo in the upper right hand corner came out perfectly:

I love how the orange cards pulled out the orange pops, as did the purple cards with the overall purple glow.

I love splitting 4x6 photos into 2 3x4 pictures.

I love the black dots on white, with the purple google pin. That card, and the BE IN THE MOMENT (good reminder) card are my favorites in this set. 

I love that all these photos were taken after 10pm, and some after 11pm!

I love that we camped right on a beach.

I love the orange rock that I took a picture of, but did not take for my collection. I left it on the beach for someone else to find. 

One of my favorite layouts!


  1. Perfect colors for Alaska Karen! I still have the postcard you sent of your "heart" rock and if memory serves, you found at the Spit. Keep having fun with this Karen, it's great stuff!

  2. I LOVE the juxtaposition of the words "I was here" with the photo of the tent. Beautiful.


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