Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Red and Aqua

I love the combination of aqua blue and red! The fiery warm color with a breathtaking cool one. I managed to put together a scrapbook page with that color combo:

It has been a quiet month, but thats ok, quiet moments fill my scrapbook just as much as big moments. I am slightly annoyed the LOVE BUG plate came out almost white, when in reality it should be more blue:

(We made cookies for Valentine's day. That is a whole other scrapbook page! My hyped-up-on-frosting three year old landed in time out more than once after making cookies).

The left side of my album came together because I could not fit all the black and white pics on previous pages. Too many photos is my number one scrapbooking problem. I decided to make a "LOVE" page:

I had to cut up the picture of my brother playing ball with B to fit it in.

I just could not leave it out.

I found cute cork board hearts on clearance at A. C. Moore and added some embellishments to both pages, something I have not tried before.

I love color, but I am thinking of trying some clean black, white and grey layouts in the near future! I hope your February has been quiet and enjoyable too!

*update on last post: we received a night full of ice, making travel treacherous. It did snow for all of 4 minutes though, before changing to ice, so I was happy!

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