Monday, February 16, 2015


Is there not something magical about the first winter storm warning of the season? I am sure everyone in New England are rolling their eyes. We might get 1-2 inches of . . . some kind of precipitation later today. Maybe snow, maybe ice, probably both. I can smell snow in the air (when I tell people this they roll their eyes and call me a northerner). This girl can't help but be excited, even if I do wish we were getting the original forecast of at least 4 inches. We even broke out the sled! Picture from a year ago:

First pic: A state park in Eagle River, Alaska. February 7th, 2009
Second pic: Indoor use of sled was all he liked last year!

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  1. Hey Karen, I hope you and B get only snow! Here in my neck of the woods in unfortunately looks like ice only. And as a "yankee", I too can smell snow in the air...and have been told the same thing...but it true....snow has smell. Whatever comes your way, enjoy every moment!


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