Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Easy and Fun Toddler Valentine's

There are little to no directions needed to make these Valentine's! Just play and have fun! My plan is to send the pics through e-mail, Facebook and/or on my phone on Saturday.

If I can wait until Saturday!

The first one B and I did together. After that he lost interest, but I could do these ALL day. And when you are fighting cancer, you have ALL day!

You are so sweet! I'm not LION!
The lion was on an 8x10 print out. The rest are 5x7.

I RUFF you!

I love you BEARY much!

Some BUNNY loves you!
The bunny and the bee are my favorites.

Will you BEE my Valentine?

Some more animal puns:

"OWL love you always."  I actually tried to make an owl, but it didn't fit him. He ended up looking like Harry Potter.

"You are DINO-mite"

"WHALE you be mine?"

"HOGS and kisses!"

"I am FAWN of you."

"I love EWE."

"I am BATTY about you."

"I love you and no OTTER."

"You will never BOAR me!"


  1. So sweet that you make all these tangible things with your photos. I've been putting off printing a few forever.


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