Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Just Yellow and Blue

Just yellow and blue, right? Not really. Who gets to name all these shades of colors? And I can't tell if this makes my blog really boring or fun. I am doing it mostly to show off my love of colors and color themes, in case I want to go in a new direction later instead of teaching.

So, my blog is becoming my portfolio. And I need something to pass my time.

Especially when I am feeling good and less pain.

Anyway, back to yellow. There is fun yellow, friendly, decisive, cheerful, and optimistic yellow. A lot of shades are named after flowers, fruit and wildlife: goldenrod, butter fields, daffodil, sunflower, brittle bush, banana cream, bee, and goldfinch. And there are times of the day and year: morning yellow is not the same as afternoon yellow, and morning sun is not the same as full moon. And my favorite: June day.

Then there is blue. Of course, when you think of blue, you think sea and sky: ocean air, downpour, aquarium, deep ocean, freshwater, harbor fog, ocean breeze, sea foam, brine, ice mist, cumulous cotton, Caribbean mist, bubbles, blue Nile, tidal wave, sailor's sea, bath water.

Of course, there are few other blue things: jeans, blueberries, hydrangeas, sapphires, blue jay, little boy, and electric blue.

Here are my 2nd half of January pages, themed in blue and yellow:

Mostly the pictures are surrounded around out of town visitors. I made no mention of my hospital stay.

The heart picture above, and the pictures below of B and friend at a park were from my first big outdoor excursion at a nearby trail. B kept asking why there was no slide or playground, but he got into the "hike" fast. I felt great that day.

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  1. Karen, I am loving your photo books.....these are perfect for every mama....I know my "baby" is 31...and at the time she was a little one, you think you'll remember these moments forever....sadly not true. I just love the capturing of all of B's moments. Well done dear!


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