Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Random Sunset from Sea

I was making a folder on my computer named "sunsets/sunrises" after seeing a lovely sunset from the Blue Ridge Parkway earlier this month. Then I came across these photos from 2010. And I decided the pictures needed a post all to themselves. 

My dad and his friend took my brother, my brother's girlfriend and myself fishing off the North Carolina Coast. I think the month was September. I had my fishing license, but I decided the only thing I wanted to catch that day was photos (hahaha).

We left from a tiny coastal town called Oriental. We were on a small fishing boat, and headed for the Inter-Coastal Waterway. 

There were many, many, many sailboats. Trust me, I cut about 163 sailboat pictures from this post.

If you don't like fish guts, turn your head away now.

Truly, the only fishing I know is the kind using good ol' worms. They used fish guts. I don't recall anyone actually catching any fish on this trip.

But that is ok, we had an amazing sunset:

 My favorite picture from the evening:

I love when sunsets are gorgeous in both directions.

 To the east:

Back to the west:

 And back to east again:

The skies were dark by the time we returned to the docks. My dad asked me if I was bored on the trip (I didn't even think to take a book) and I told him I honestly enjoyed myself. One of the top 10 sunsets I have seen.

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  1. These photos are beautiful! - you captured that colored sunset sky and blue, blue water. That must've been a great day! ...It's a blessing when photos can remind us of places, special people and feelings we had at the time. ...Though being on a fishing boat must have it's ups -n-downs waiting for something to bite! Photos of the ocean are so relaxing to look at - thank you for sharing your talent!


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