Monday, May 18, 2015


Last Thursday I had a procedure called TACE. I am not sure if I am mentally ready to write a post, but I am going to try with some random thoughts:

-The radiologist doesn't know how well the chemo will work, but he does know that there were no procedural issues, and all the tumors received chemo. 
-It is raining and thundering outside now and it sounds so lovely. 
-I could see the medical helicopter take off and land on roof from my hospital room. 
- I was in pain from where chemo was attacking liver tumors but now it seems I am more in pain from the insertion site. Big ol' knot and bruise.
-I wouldn't say I lost it mentally, but I seriously have NO clue what day it is. And if you tell me, I will forget in 5 minutes. 
-I actually thought it would take me longer than this to recover physically. 
-I have watched 15-20 billion episodes of Law and Order SUV on Net Flix since Friday. 
-My mom bought me the The Rosie Effect but I get dizzy when I try to read.
-It took me 10 minutes to link that link, and only 1 minute to post the link in opening line.

-Which means it's time to leave you with this:

Above pics: a sudden decision to have a Mother's Day picnic in the park! So unlike me! But the breeze was cool, we always carry a quilt in back of my car, the sun was shining. Someone ran for fried chicken, tater tots, tea, and apple juice. And yes, I was the only adult sitting on quilt with B and his cousins - everyone else use the picnic table.

Below pic: Mother's day selfie while waiting for a table at a restaurant:

It was a lovely lunch at an Italian place, but I think you know which lunch won. 

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