Thursday, October 8, 2015

Updates . . .

- No, we did not get the flooding like S. Carolina did, although it was predicted we would, the storm(s) stayed mostly south. We did get about 4 inches, not all at once, that basically eliminated our drought here in North Carolina. And a lot of wind. I don't know anyone in South Carolina who was affected, but my heart goes out to the people. Even with sunny skies now, there are still warnings of dams breaking.

-I am scrapbooking again, but not taking pictures yet. I had B go through my MANY old albums and pull out pictures of my good friend, who he calls "Mommy Carin 2." He loves her and her energy, and she loves him just as much back. Too bad she lives in NYC!! Anyway, we made a scrapbook for her and all of our adventures from past 20 years, in no order at ALL. Totally random.

-Now I am REALLY trying hard to finish my Alaska story. I lived there August -July, and I am now working on January. And I haven't worked on my 2015 album since, ready? JUNE. It's going to be 2016 before I finish that bad boy.

-I am trying to get the scrapbooks up to date so I can do a December Daily scrapbook this year. Yes - a page a day in December. I will be honest, I didn't think I would get Christmas this year, but everyday it seems more and more likely.

-When Carin was here visiting last week we painted pumpkins with B. This weekend we hope to get to pumpkin patch and have a carving party. I have so many ideas. And I hope to take many pictures!!

-Chemo is going well, everything is routine this time around. I am getting stomach cramps, but instead of the medicine they prescribe me, I am finding Activia to help. If you did not know, I am not a huge fan of taking medicine. The potential side effects now and down the road scare me. I know if I live another 10 years, chemo will have long lasting effects. I see this in my 3 friends who have survived cancer. So, as much as I try to limit my meds, I am thankful for potentially disastrous poisons that they all together call chemotherapy. Don't ask me the names of the actual poisons, once they get to 4 syllables I can't recall them at all.

-I have decided to try some fancier restaurants in Charlotte. It was on my bucket list to try at least once, but my brother and his wife LOVE this idea and want to take me to more. I have always been an Olive Garden, Chilis, On the Boarder - type gal. The fanciest I had been to was maybe the Cheesecake Factory. Last week my brother and his wife took me to Dressler's. Yummm. Unfortunately I had stomach cramps and had to get up and walk around with my cane. It was a good choice because it wasn't overly fancy but a baby step in that direction.

-Reading "The Canterbury Sisters" now, just finished the heavier "Fates and Furies." And I have "The Martian" waiting for me.

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  1. Karen it is, as always, such a joy to hear from you! So glad chemo is going well for you and so very happy you're scrapbooking too! Continue to enjoy your days and adventures, it's the very stuff of life! My continued prayers to you and yours! Happy pumpkin patching!!


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