Monday, September 21, 2015

This is Me

This is the best picture of me taken in a long time. In most recent pictures you can see my skeleton arms and bulging eyes and veins. I am not big on looks and fashion, but some pictures scare me. I was a hefty 170 (always giving and taking 5 pounds) for YEARS. After B was born it took me a while to get under 190. After my diagnosis, and surgery for the ostomy, I suddenly find myself at 124 pounds. Great excuse to get a whole new wardrobe, but still, scary.

Looking at this picture, here are a few things you should know:

-my son will be 4 in December. 3 has been an adventure. Mostly good, but also learning how to control emotions. And just when you think he is settled down for good, a bridge on his train set collapses or a toy won't stand up straight, and the whole neighborhood needs to find out. Absolutely devastated. But out on a boat, there are zero complaints.

-my boy is not a cuddler. He does hug a lot, but they are short. He hasn't stayed still long enough since he learned to walk (he did cuddle before then). Wait, he does lean in and stay still for a good book. Reading books is our thing. Anyway, the fact that he rested his head on me for this picture makes me so happy. I love this age. Except when he demands he should have 5 new toys instead of one. Ummm, how about ZERO, kid?

-my brother (seen in background), who is one of B's heroes, loves to take Brycen out on the boat. And his wife (also in background but you can't really see her) is more prepared than I ever am - she always has the best snacks for B!

-On the way to pick up B (he lives with his father as I battle cancer) I realized I once again forgot my Nikon. So my friend was in charge of taking pics with his new iPhone - they came out really nice. I would take pictures with my old phone, but it tells me I never have storage. I am down to 31 pictures fitting in my camera roll. Damn you Apple and your ways. Anyway, he did a great job. I wish we got another picture with my brother and his wife though, and bam, Christmas present for the parents.

-B then tied my friend to the boat in hopes he wouldn't leave to fly back to California.

-B also helped my brother tie the boat to the dock and was so proud of himself.

-I thought it was going to be cold out on the boat and dressed B in 9 layers. Nope, it was 90 by the time we got home. Again, his aunt came to the rescue with sunscreen. Today was the chilly day - and I dressed myself in 9 layers for a playground trip.

Things (random) about me you can't tell from picture:

-I love the candy Nerds. Which are basically pure sugar. I may or may not be eating them now.
-I do not like craft beer, which is fine because I actually don't drink alcohol. I haven't since before I was pregnant with B.
-Perhaps not drinking is why my liver has lasted this long?
-I did however have a sad obsession with diet Dr. Pepper. I don't think I drank enough to cause cancer, (It hasn't been proven that aspartame definitely causes cancer, has it?) especially since I didn't start in with any soda until I was in my 30s.
-now I drink water, lemon vitamin water, and Arizona decaffeinated tea.
-Rain (and thunderstorms) make me happy
-I love my car (2013 Toyota Rav4 - the new models without the tire on back)
-I wish I spent more time drawing and pairing through the years. I swear I became a teacher so I could have summer to draw and paint, and instead I waited tables and explored the NC mountains
-I am proud of all the hiking I did over the years. And traveling.
-Very proud I found the courage to move to Alaska solo.

Okay I am starting to bore myself. But there you go - some fun facts about me. One of these days I will bring my camera on an outing and have more photos to share!


  1. This picture is freakin awesome. I'm so proud of you Karen. You rock the free world (and maybe the un-free world too - I just don't know much about that place).

    1. Mary, I actually tried to send you this picture but then realized it is no longer on my phone. My phone and photos are not getting along lately. So I am glad you found it here!! xoxo

  2. Karen, I love your fun facts! And this photo of you two is precious! Your son is so darn cute! I too loved when my daughter was three, such a fun, awesome age! It's great hearing from you again! Blessings and prayers to you and yours!

  3. This is such a great photo -- I really get a sense of you, B, and this exact moment of happiness. Love it!

    Diet DP was always afternoon "treat" during a stressful day of work. Sadly, there were a lot of those days, and a lot money blown on vending machine DP. That and a bag of cheetos = I get happy just thinking about it. Pathetic.

  4. What a wonderful outing! Best investment your brother could have made...well the jeep is a great one, too. I'm sure Sean would have happily stayed tied to the boat...he is an awesome friend. Tell Jimmy I need a ride in the boat next. Your paintings are very good and I do hope you get more art time in; youve got some talent going on!
    Love you, Chica,
    Aunt Patty

  5. I can't stop looking at this picture! Every time I see it, it makes me smile!

    I remember when you were pregnant with B and you wrote something about how you were going to keep going on adventures and you'd just have a little guy at your side. Good job, mama - you're doing it! B looks like such a happy adventurous little guy! :)


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