Monday, November 30, 2015

The Results

The Camera: A Nikon D60
The lens: 50mm prime
The bribery: the promise of ginger ale with dinner that night (really kid? you probably could have asked for a trip to Disney World and I would have ordered the tickets right then and there).
Wardrobe changes: 3
Locations: first at park, then at home, in front of Christmas Tree
Total number of pictures taken: 89
How many I really like and will use: 5 or 6

Thank goodness we went to the park first so I could play with my camera - I had some serious focusing issues going on. (I was using single point focus, and did not realize it, so most of the time it wasn't focusing on Brycen). I am bummed because as we were romping around in the pine tree forest, I could have taken some great shots, but they were all blurred. I did like this one:

And this happened:

I REALLY am done with this, mom

As soon as we returned to playground, he wanted the sweater off, but strangely put the hat on, without being asked. It was around 70 degrees here in Charlotte yesterday so I didn't mind. Here are a few as I played with my camera and he played with bubbles and ate a snack:

When we returned home he took a 2 hour nap and even though I should have been napping, I continued to play around with my camera. After he woke up and played quietly to get the sleepys out, he began the posing session.

I asked him to show me his favorite ornament from tree and the kid shows me the bubble whistle he had been playing with earlier - somehow it had turned into an ornament! Oh well. I should probably note here that our tree isn't even finished being decorated. But I am the type of person who would rather put energy into Christmas Cards then finishing the tree decorating.

I love the bokeh in the second picture! And his faces. When I mentioned that ginger ale he perked up and ran to get one of his outfits.

The bokeh is not as big or as creamy, but I love his expressions! I think more lights on the tree would help.

Then things got serious. He changed into the sweater.

The enlarged picture made the Christmas card, along with a few of the earlier pictures. Not 100% perfect (like last year) but 99% for sure!


  1. Love these! He is SO cute! My favorites are the ones of him in front of the tree with the big cheesy grin!

  2. Cute! I feel like the tree series would make a great animated gif!

  3. Damn that boy is cute! An afternoon well spent, Miss Karen! Can you come do my Christmas picture too???

  4. He is so adorable and oh so shy....ha ha! Great photos and fun!


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