Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Preparing for December Daily

What: December Daily is a MINI scrapbook project that journals every day in, obviously, December. Look it up on Pinterest for thousands of ideas. For me, each layout (the left and right page) will have a date card, at least one journal card, 2-3 pictures from that day, or around that day, and 1-3 decor cards. There are many kits you can buy online that come with date cards, journal cards and pretty decor or filler cards, PLUS awesome embellishments like stickers and quotes and stamps and washi tapes. I have seen the CUTEST kits. But, because I am who I am, I made my own kit. Or . . . I am in the processing of making it.

Where: Mostly pictures from my house, neighborhood, and the city of Charlotte. But we want to try to take Brycen to Asheville this holiday season to see the general mast store, the lights, and the national gingerbread house competition.

Who: Me and all my loved ones

When: December 2015! Yay! (excuse me for being more than a little hyped to be here this holiday season).

Why: To dwell on all the moments that make December awesome. To really treasure it, and maybe in this way it will slow down a little. And because I have the time.

How: I first started dreaming of the mini scrapbook project in October, and began cutting out scrapbook paper in sizes 3x4 and 4x6. Then I put the whole thing away and concentrated instead on finishing my year-in-Alaska scrapbook.

side note: I DID finish my Alaska scrapbook. It is 12x12 and weighs almost 10 pounds. I will take pictures and blog about it soon.

Yesterday I dug out my box marked "stuff for Dec. Daily" and made 31 date cards. The date will be on the ornament on a vertical 3x4 card. I have stickers with the dates, but if they don't show up I can use a silver gel pen:

I didn't put dates on all the cards, so I could decide what color scheme I liked best as I went on.

I oddly really like this color combo:

Next up: making decor cards, and embellishing the journal cards from previous Project Life kits. I have been taking notes since yesterday on what my journal cards will say. It doesn't take long for me to forget the little things that happen each day.

I don't have an at home picture printer, so I am going to wait until weekends to develop pictures. I not only want to get the BIG MOMENTS, but I have been taking pictures of everyday holidayish things too:

Along with this I am still working on the wreath from this blog post. I hope to be done with it by December 24th!


  1. Um I'm sorry but are those frickin Charlie Brown Christmas stamps?!?! NEED.

  2. Karen, you are one the craftiest people I know! I love the stuff you do, and B will love all the memories too! It's dangerous for me to log onto Pinterest, before I know it...hours have passed by! Looking forward to seeing your AK scrapbook. I still have the postcard you sent me showing your heart rock, which if memory serves, you found it in at Home Spit.


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