Sunday, December 6, 2015

Around Here . . .

Around here, we are playing with the settings on my camera:

Making ornaments:

Going out to breakfast with Rudolph:

Playing in great big boxes, that strangely brought a small package, but tons of packaging:

Dreaming of making this cookie:

Taking inventory of our Teeny Mate football players:

Still going through toy catalogs:

Having serious conversation on a purple velvet couch with a skinny Santa, outside in 60 degree weather:

Shopping at a small art festival:

Making artwork for friends far away:

Mailing out 50+ Christmas cards:

And lastly, taking inventory of pretty filler cards, and making even more!

How was your weekend?


  1. OMG you are one busy lady!I cannot believe how much B's haircut adds years to his face. Gone is the little cherub, but the very sweet and handsome boy has emerged. I can smell the cookies baking from here! Have 2 for me, please!

    1. Aunt P, we made the cookies yesterday. They were good, although Brycen oddly didn't approve. Next time I would actually less chocolate chips!! (the horror!!) But the 2 cups of chips were all over the place. I would also use less or no salt, for some reason the cookies seem very salty to me - but that could be the cancer talking. None of this stopped me from eating them again, and again, and again . . .

  2. Love! I'm living the holidays vicariously through your post. Is it really that time of year? My mind refuses to accept it esp. living abroad (and not having kids or family around).

    PS: Your xmas lights bokeh is coming around! Have you tried cutting out shapes from paper and shooting through the paper to create like star shaped bokeh? Seems like something you'd be up to. ��

    1. ahhh, a new challenge - I like it!! I tried this many years ago and failed miserably - but it might work better with the 50 mm lens. I will give it a try. It has definitely been fun playing around with it this holiday season.


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