Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December Daily

December, and the holidays, are turning into a blur. A happy blur.

My days are FILLED with visits, craft projects, scrapbooking and Brycen time. My mom and I are getting ready for a little man's birthday party. And of course, sneaking visits to social media. I am so happy to be feeling so much energy and so little sickness. I am getting a lot done.

And I am happy to be scrapbooking it all down to the day. Even I recognize it is a tedious task. If life was normal for me, and I was working, I would NOT be doing this album! I am also 6 months behind in my 12x12 2015 scrapbook. Like I said, my days are filled.

Here are the first few days of my scrapbook, if you would like to see:

The title page
I especially love this little card I hand made - a balloon for B's birthday and a star for Christmas. 
Day One:

Sorry, the quality of pictures of the scrapbook are not great, I took them with my cell phone, on my bed with artificial light shining. But you get the point. 

Day 2:

Day 2 was a chemo day, so I concentrated on happier pictures.
And an insert: 
This is the only way I could show the WHOLE tree. It's vertical in the album.
Day 3:

Day 4:
Not quite finished . . .
Day 5:

Also, not quite finished. 
I had originally planned to do WAY more black and white and grey and silver with just little pops of color. But of course, color is everywhere at Christmas!!


  1. Karen your scrapbooks are amazing! You are one busy woman! I love all the photos....especially your "red nosed" reindeer son!

  2. Your energy is amazing! I really like your scrapbooking ideas and layouts. My "old school" scrapbooking really takes too much time. Thus I have years of work to do, and thinking about it zaps my energy!


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