Thursday, December 17, 2015

Cutest Post Ever

This might be my most adorable post ever, and it doesn't even contain a single Brycen picture.

Remember a few weeks ago when I ranted that I wanted another perfect picture of bokeh and Brycen? Well, I kind of got it right, but I have definitely found out that practice makes . . . better bokeh. Anyway, a friend of mine shared I could practice on her kids in front of her tree. She has 4 kids under 5. Her oldest is about 9 months older than Brycen (who turns 4 on Saturday!!!) and her triplets are about 2 and a half. 

She writes about them here, on her awesome blog.

I was feeling great that day (acupuncture is wonderful) and headed over armed with my 50mm lens, these oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and 2 Santa hats. I was so glad Bonnie didn't have high expectations of me, I felt no pressure. And her kids were AMAZING. I could have sat for hours in front of the tree with them. 

Tip: At first the bokeh was not coming out at all, which was disappointing because I got some cute ones of them pointing to ornaments. Then Bonnie and I realized at the same time - the child needs to be closer to the camera (or midpoint between)! 

These are far from professional, and I put zero editing into them. But, I loved getting a taste of what a different career might look like:

This one was hard to capture, but I wasn't giving up. Bonnie has many great pics of him on her blog, so I know he can smile and be still! What a cutie. 

"We''ll take those cookies, now!"
And I can't forget to mention, her oldest surprised me with individual apple pies before I left. He helped make them and was so proud. My mom and I enjoyed the pies immensely. Thanks, Bonnie!

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  1. Thank you so much, Karen. You can practice on us anytime! These photos will be some of my favorites for years to come.


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