Monday, December 21, 2015

Space Themed Birthday Party!

This weekend was little man's 4th birthday!

We try to keep parties uncomplicated, although a lot of effort was put into decorations, food and games. (Thanks, mom and everyone else!). But the actual party seems to work under this simple formula:

1 hour for arrivals, while playing games and eating birthday themed snacks and pizza. Games with toddlers and young kids are pretty much whatever happens, happens. In our case the highlight was my brother giving kids rides on an inflatable rocket ship. Not planned, but so much fun. Except for my brother.

Singing and Cake. After the hour was up we figured most people had arrived, and we sang Happy Birthday and had cake. This took about 20-30 minutes. We then moved on to the piñata. No one wants to miss the piñata! 

The party was pretty much over at this point. 2 hours goes by fast. Those who wanted to stay late could watch the child open presents. Some people think present opening in front of the guests is a no-no. By doing it after the scheduled end time, people have the choice to stay and watch or leave. In our case, most people stayed. Some of the kids went back to the games, but most helped Brycen open his presents. No one wanted the fun to end!

I was lucky to win a photo-shoot with an area photographer. Here are 10 amazing shots:

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  1. I cannot believe he is four years old already! As his Mommy, am sure you feel this more intensely. Adorable party and the last photo you posted of him is the sweetest ever! That smile of his is too much!

  2. Happy birthday, B!

    He is getting to be so grown up!!! Especially love the last photo.


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