Friday, January 22, 2016

38 Things about Me

I was intending to do this yesterday, on my actual birthday, but we ended up having visitors and a big dinner and I was detached from the chemo pump. I compare being detached from that awful poison to coming out of a  fog, which took a while yesterday. So anytime we didn't have company over, I was sound asleep.

(side note: we are suppose to get an awful ice storm today! Fingers crossed we do not lose power! Also it is 4:30 am and I don't know why I am awake).

Anyway, in honor of my 38th, here are 38 things about me:

1. I once taught the sweetest child in kindergarten, and his name was Brycen. And I knew if I ever had a baby boy, Brycen would be his name. And he is just as sweet.

2. Yet, we also considered Brennan for his name for the longest time.

3. I HATE the way Bryson looks in print.

4. I have driven across country 8 times:
     -Charlotte to San Diego and back (solo on way back).
     -Binghamton, NY to San Diego and back
     -Charlotte to Seattle and back (solo both ways).
      - Charlotte to Alaska and back (solo on way there)

5. I grew up and went to undergrad college in upstate New York.

6. I spent most of my high school and college years dreaming of leaving upstate New York.

7. If I had a do-over I would have moved to Vermont. I would have studied photography and taught elementary school in Vermont.

8. But I ended up in Charlotte, NC. A friend needed a roommate and I needed a place to live.

9. When Brycen was born, I stopped watching sports and listening to music. Well, I listen to a lot of classical music, but I could NOT tell you the top pop song in America right now. Most of my friends listen to country. I used to make CDs to listen to ALL the time. I loved Iron and Wine, Snow Patrol and Imogen Heap.

10. In 2009 my brother and I went to a ML Baseball playoff game, the Yankees won in overtime with some dramatic win. Meanwhile the people next to us got into a fight with the lady behind me and I ended up soaked in beer. It was a really great night, and my brother and I still quote the crazy people who sat around us still.

11. I love documentaries.

12. I have such a sweet tooth. I have been eating blueberries and Special K cereal to wean myself off sweets. A bad diet does NOT help cancer, especially colon cancer.

13. My favorite book of all time is the The Time Traveler's Wife. Don't judge me if you have only seen the movie. The book is way better.

14. I have never worn makeup. I think I would like to wear makeup.

15. If I was suddenly declared cancer free, and worked to get my muscles and energy back I would wear makeup. I would move to Asheville (maybe). I would travel A LOT.

16. I love cheese, but I am bad at picking out one cheese from another. I go to a party and I'm the one slamming back all the good expensive cheese.

17. I was a tomboy growing up. I would never wear skirts or dresses. Now skirts are over half my wardrobe, most no longer fit me.

18. I am constantly saying "sorry" to people. I have said sorry for saying sorry. It's something I am working on.

19. I have taught kindergarten for 6 years and first grade for 7 and second grade for about 8 weeks.

20. Or maybe if I had a do-over I would have got into illustration instead of teaching.

21. I love Junior Mints and popcorn. Together.

22. I can't go to sleep without brushing my teeth first. Ever.

23. I love watching my son grow up, learn new things, take everything in. I love that boy of mine.

24. My favorite movie is Dances with Wolves.

25. I have been to the following National Parks: Redwood, Mt. Rainier, Denali, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Zion, Canyonlands, Arches, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Kenai Fjords, Shenandoah, and Great Smokies Mountains.

26. I devour blogs like I do a good book.

27. Orange juice makes me vomit. This is a new development, I used to drink it all the time, pre-cancer.

28. I rather listen than talk. And I would rather write than talk. Yet, I can't find the perseverance to write a novel about my life.

29. My favorite fruit is watermelon. Especially fresh from a road side farmer's stand in the middle of a hot summer day. My favorite vegetable are red peppers.

30. It turns out I strongly dislike brussel sprouts. But I gave them a try at least.

31. I can be judgmental. I am aware of this.

32. I love my family.

33. And I love my friends who are like family.

34. I actually like doing laundry.

35. The first time it snowed when I was living in Alaska, I hit ice and my car slid neatly into the curb. I got studs on my tires the next day. For someone who grew up in upstate NY and learned to drive in bad conditions, I was a horrible driver in Alaska.

36. Growing up, my family - My mom, my dad, my brother and I - would rent a cottage on the St. Lawrence River for a week. We swam and fished and colored the sunsets and went for boat rides and hikes and bike rides. We went into town for ice cream. Best vacations ever. This is where my ashes will be spread.

37. A lot of my friends call me Kare Bear, but I never really thought of it as a nickname. I call Brycen Bryce-cakes, rhymes with rice cakes.

38. I have never broken a bone in a body! (knocking on wood).

Correction. I did wear makeup once, at my best friend's wedding. 


  1. too! Touch wood!
    you sure have done a whole lot, accomplished a whole lot, and inspired a whole lot of people! Don't Winston Churchill said, "Never, never,never, never give up!". Or was that never ever? Whatever! You get it!

  2. You can add Cape Lookout National Park to your list, you took
    pictures there of Brycen before he could walk.


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