Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Around here . . .

Around here, we had a sweet reunion with one of my favorite friends. 

We worked in the classroom together during the 2006-2007 school year and have kept closely in touch since. During the 2007-2008 school year, we had breakfast together every Friday before school. After I returned from Alaska in 2009, she had moved to Nashville! So, this is the third time I have seen her since 2008. 

And we met her sweet baby, Piper:

Brycen was happy to show off his Stomp Rocket to Piper's daddy. What is it with men and simple, yet exciting, gizmos?

We invited over other co-workers who I knew would want to see this sweet family for the few hours they were in Charlotte. Unfortunately I was having a bad day (exhaustion and stomach pain). I was thankful for friends who said yes when Brycen asked to play with play-doh:

Around here, I still have friends interested in buying yarn ornaments.

I have a friend who is pondering posting the ornaments she buys on social media, using the hashtag cancersucksyarnballs.

Since I continue to find making them so relaxing and enjoyable, I haven't quit yet. While threading them I have watched such Netflix shows as Call the Midwife, Life, Chef's Table, and Making a Murderer. I want to watch The Time in Between next, but it is hard to read the subtitles 100% while making the yarn balls.

And Michigan colors: 

Around here, someone has discovered to take selfies without mommy knowing until later. 

And he took a pretty nice picture of mommy too:

Around here, we are settling into season 6 of Downton Abbey.

It helps to have peach cobbler.

And meeting therapy dogs named Rowdy at doctor appointments:

Around here, we are still addicted to collecting mini-football figures.

I am so excited to open a bag to new players. B just wants enough of one player to make a team. Preferably the Panthers. I don't watch organized sports like I used to, but I can't avoid the fact I live in a city with a team that went 15 wins and only one loss during the season. Even my dad knows about the Panthers, and he hates sports. People here and the media are very hyped. I would have stay off the internet completely if I wanted to avoid it!

Around here, Brycen is very interesting in helping with cooking.

I am delighted B has taken an interest in helping as much as he can. I want to take a picture of him helping:

And a picture of the final dish (below) and type up the recipe to make into a book. Originally, I thought, I will make another pocket style scrapbook! And I still might, but I also might just order a quality photo book, once we have enough recipes put together. Any suggestions for fun, kid friend recipes?

Yesterday my mom made coconut lime chicken with rice:

The fresh pico de gallo was from Bonnie. Around here, I'm doing some organization. After cleaning Brycen's bookshelves, I discovered some books and a game her triplets might like. When she said sure, I told her I would drop them off that afternoon. She asked if I would like to stay for tacos. She had even made one of my favorite things, pico de gallo. I couldn't stay for Taco Tuesday, but she gave me some fresh pico, and some cilantro, anyway. It was perfect with my meal. I love how things work out.

And around here, we are just spinning quietly around and around, trying to figure it all out.

But things are settling down now, like they do after the holidays.


  1. I started watching The Time in Between ... no bueno. I could not finish the first episode bc it was sooooooo cheesy. It's like a super cliché over-the-top Latin drama. I would probably watch it with my sister so we could trash talk it but otherwise no. Maybe that's just me though.

    1. Thanks Veronika! I will either continue to watch through a chemo-zombie state - like watching a car crash and not being able to look away, or stop because a. it looks damn predicable or b. because I can't read subtitles and make yarn balls at same time. Lately I am on a Killer Whale documentary kick - trying to find them all on Netflix, after watch the series Life.

    2. Im guessing B is too young for Roald Dahl books (? I have no idea abt kids) but there are two Roald Dahl cookbooks called Revolting Recipes and Even More Revolting Recipes. The recipes reference the books and the cookbook itself looks like a children's book with awesome illustrations. The recipes are pretty simple and have wonderful names.

      Tell me what you think of the first eps.of Time Between. I was rolling my eyes like crazy - the close ups of the supposedly handsome dude feeding the female lead chocolate and churros sent me over the edge.

      This coming from someone that loves Real Housewives of Atlanta (srsly love that show. But just the Atlanta one).

    3. Did you watch Blackfish? One of the best docs I've seen...though very upsetting.

      Maybe we need a documentary club in addition to the book club!

    4. HA! I can start a thread on our bookclub page for discussing documentaries.

      Blackfish was good (and sad). It also made me feel like an ahole for the times I went to SeaWorld as a kid on school field trips.

      Have you seen The Cove?

      I used to be really into Whale Wars but then that show made me both annoyed and depressed.

      Does Real Housewives of Atlanta count as documentary? :P

    5. I did watch Blackfish, finally! And then I had to watch 9 other documentaries about killer whales! I had heard such good things about The Time Between, but it was hard for me to make yarn balls and catch all the subtitles, so I can't really give an opinion. It seemed ok, half paying attention. But I will say this, the preview for episode 2 was so predictable it make me laugh, and then I lost interest in the whole damn thing.

      What is The Cove? I have heard good things about Broadchurch, Foyle's War and Sherlock but I haven't looked into any of them yet. I don't think they are documentaries. Have you guys seen any of them?

    6. The Cove is a documentary on dolphin capturing that is hauntingly sad.

      I love British tv so I have seen a good amt on Netflix. Broadchurch is dark and it's a very slow build but I liked it. Season 1 is better than 2.

      Sherlock: ummmm yes you need to watch. So good.

      Some others:
      Luther - pretty good. Idris Alba (from The Wire) is always good to watch.

      The Fall-- has the chick from XFiles. Pretty suspenseful.

      Haven't seen Foyles War but I'm curious.

    7. Have you seen The Paradise and or Mr Selfridge? Paradise is on Netflix - bit corny esp 2nd season but decent.

      Let me know if you ever get past eps 1 of The Time Between...

  2. I LOVE the idea of a cookbook photobook! What an awesome keepsake. I would love to have a book of all my fav recipes that my mom made when I was a kid.

    Here's a recipe for you guys to try - the best cornbread EVER:

    (To make it even easier, I melt the butter in the microwave instead of in a skillet!)

    1. Thanks Rachel! We will definitely look up that recipe. The kid is obsessed with helping in the kitchen. I actually dreamed about days like this when I was pregnant - and thought even back then what a neat keepsake it would make.

    2. Aww! I love that B loves to help in the kitchen! And my husband and I love to cook together, so B will grow up to be a good partner someday!


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