Friday, February 12, 2016

Lazy Valentine's Crafts

Remember last year, when I printed 8x10, black and white photos of Brycen, then we "dressed" the photo like an animal? And added corny puns?

So cute! Well this year I wasn't quite as creative. And I was definitely less hands on.

We had intentions of making a ton of cards to mail out. This is as far as Brycen got before losing interest:

paper towel roll heart stamper!
He enjoyed stamping the inside of the card, but didn't want to make more. And once the inside was dry, he had no interest in stamping the outside. And I had no interest in pushing it.

B also has wisely decided he never wants his hand painted again. I am sure this is because I have painted his hand about 800 times in his short 4 years.

His friend, however, made his handprint into a monkey and his mom completed the card with vines . . . "I love hanging out with you, Valentine."

Brycen had NO issues painting MY hand though.
Finally, for his class Valentine's, I bribed him to pose (as all good parents do).

I added the "Happy Valentine's Day!" and later, some hearts using my Over app.

My mom showed me the little "arrow cut" secret because I was making a mess of the photos trying to make holes. She's a smart cookie, my mom.

And then we added the final touch:

The puns for lollipops aren't too kid friendly.

-I'd pop for you
-I'm a sucker for you, Valentine
-How many licks, Valentine?

So I left the cards as is. Brycen put the cards in envelopes, and sealed them with heart stickers. I realized this activity isn't really putting the kid to work, but I am sure he''ll make up for that next year.

Happy Valentine's Day, if you celebrate it! And I only do because I have the kiddo, and he makes every holiday 100 times better, for me.


  1. Cute!

    Do a lot of kids make homemade valentines? Just wondering bc I noticed a few of my friends with kids making something similar this year.

  2. Well if you go by Brycen's bag of loot, there was only 2 in ten with homemade. Ours, and a glowstick with a heart attached stating "I GLOW for you!" Super cute alternative to candy. He received 8 lollipops, a bag of skittles, a pencil and a tattoo. Is Valentine's the new Halloween?

  3. It looks like you had a lot of fun and he did.

    As for spring, i am also content with winter, but noticing spring in the air. I sense i will be quite happy with spring summer and autumn as well.

    Sweet Valentine's to you and yours!

    1. Thanks for responding, Tammie. You live in such a beautiful corner of the world, thanks for sharing. I imagine living there one would have to accept long winters and late springs. Glad you had a little taste of spring though!


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