Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A tiny Trip to Coastal NC

This past weekend I went to New Bern, NC. Don't get too excited, I am still healing and did not do much but read. But it was nice to have a change in scenery!

Puffy clouds seem to be the norm lately. 

Waiting for the drawbridge. 

One of 2,000 times I wished I had my son with me.

Eating straight out of my dad's garden. Childhood memories!

I will post more about the poppy field later. We were planning to go back, but we got stuck in the line of traffic leaving the island. Oops.

Our first beach trip was not pleasant.

So we went to the park instead. I finished The Rosie Effect (not as good as the first book) and started The Boston Girl (so, so good).

My dad caught a Mahi-Mahi. Between fishing and gardening he's doing great living off land, but he probably needs some chickens too. And some wheat to make bread and brew beer . . .

In a neighbor's yard. Want. 

Second trip to the beach was exactly what I needed. That is not me by the way!

More garden pictures:


  1. Your dad sounds awesome - which I had his garden!

    1. Thanks! He's in retirement and my mom is here being my caregiver, so he has so much time on his hands. Poor guy has joined every club he could fine for seniors.

  2. Garden, ocean, sand, sunshine and puffy clouds.............sounds like a perfect weekend! The poppy field is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos! Especially happy that second trip to beach was the charm! Be well and take good care of you!

  3. This is great! Glad you got a change of scenery (beach + books sounds great!) Want to see more poppy pics - I love poppies and didn't realize there were fields on the east coast! And I agree - your dad sounds awesome!


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