Monday, June 1, 2015

Poppy Field Photo Dump

If you drive down NC 58 and cross NC 24, you will see a bridge in your future. The bridge goes over the Inter-coastal Waterway and takes you to Emerald Isle, home of quaint towns, colorful beach houses and beautiful beaches. But wait!! Before you go over the bridge, note the flowers planted to the right! And note the very tiny turn off to park your car. 

Actually there are fields up near the intersection of 58 and 24 too, but they don't have the water for background setting. And I didn't know how to access those fields.

I wasn't really feeling that well, but we had to stop per my bucket list. I was too lazy to change lenses on my camera, but figured we would be back. I definitely wasn't in the mood for photos that involved me laying on my belly, or really, kneeling down at all. I kept thinking we would come back later.

We never made it back later - traffic leaving the island was insane on Memorial Day.

The state plants fields like this across North Carolina. I think the red poppies are planted to honor fallen soldiers on Memorial Day. Whether or not that is true, the state quickly changes the field to a new flower by mid-June. Here is more information.

I have such a hard time standing for long periods of time. I also get cold toes fast (weird chemo reaction) and I was wearing flip flops in the mud. Ooops. But at least I got enough photos to cross this off my bucket list!


  1. Love these! Now I want to find a poppy field...

  2. Beautiful photos of the flowers!

    When you visited my blog, you asked about our camping van. To answer your questions, we own it. It's a modified Ford F350 with high clearance and 4wd. We bought it used from a place in Texas. It's called a SportsMobile by the people who modified it. New ones are super expensive but used ones can be found more cheaply if you look hard.

    I have seen rental smallish RVs on the road (bigger than a van but not full sized RVs). They can't do 4wd but perhaps one of those would serve your purpose. I bet some googling would reveal who rents them.

    Thanks for your visit to my blog, and I hope that you find a camping vehicle!

  3. Karen, as always, your photo's and words are simply beautiful! Be well and keep well!

    Love, T.


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